Areas on Tenerife North

In this section, we will present to you different areas of Tenerife, where you may be interested in buying a property. We hope this short introduction will be helpful:


Puerto de la Cruz should be called the capital of Tenerife North, it is charming town with old traditions. It offers plenty of  eateries, vibrant nightlife and many leasure activities. It is especially famous for its Lago Martianez - amazing swimming pools on the coast. City is beloved by the surfers. Many expats especially from German speaking countries settle here down. Real Estate in Puerto de la Cruz are higher priced comparing to the neighboring areas, as it is one the best locations on Tenerife North.


• Proximity to the Martianez and Jardin beaches and famous Lago Martianez

• Fantastic climate all year round

• Big choice of restaurants, cafes, bars, small shops and supermarkets


• In the old town difficult to park

• Real estate relatively pricy in presitgous areas


The Black sandy beach "Playa Jardin" is one of the most popular and beautiful in the north of Tenerife! It is very popular with locals, foreign residents and tourists. Here you can sunbathe and swim in the sea almost all year round. In winter time the Atlantic is somewhat cooler, and in summer and autumn relatively warm. From time to time, however, there are also big waves where untrained swimmers are better off on the beach. The morning hours are particularly pleasant, in the afternoon it is sometimes cloudy. Some cafes and restaurant are right on the beach. At the end of the beach is the small village of Punta Brava and the famous "Loro Parque" with its parrot parks and pet shows. Apartments and houses in this zone are high priced, as it is one the best location of the city.


• Direct proximity to the beach

• Wonderful climate all year round

• Walking distance to restaurants, cafes, bars, small shops and supermarkets

• You don't need a vehicle


• In the summer months, the beach is well frequented by the locals and therefore difficult to park

• Real estate prices according to the location high

• There are very limited offers of properties for sale


This area is one in its kind because of the beautiful first line views over the Atlantic Ocean for a relatively small prices. La Romantica II has a good infrastructure nearby: bars, minimarket, gyms, etc. can all be found within a short walk. For bigger shopping: the main street of Toscal-Longuera can be reached by foot or in less than 2 minutes by car. The city center of Puerto de la Cruz is located less than 10 minutes drive. There are 2 small resorts in the area with beautiful swimming pools which for a small entry price.

La Romantica II is a calm residential area. There are many foreigners (especially from german speaking countries but definately not only) living here.

In the video below you can have a closer look at the area. The apartments in the area are less expensive (cheaper) than in Puerto de la Cruz.

Additionaly you may be interested in seeing the video of the area from the sky to get a better understanding:


·       Spectacular views

·       Very mild climate (only about 100m above the ocean)

·       Very quiet area

·       Near the coast

·       Affordable prices on real estate compared to other areas on Tenerife



·       Steep access to the area

·       In high season it may be difficult to find a parking space

·       Access to some of the apartments is via stairs


The Maritim Complex is located between Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos. The apartments of the well-maintained complex offer amazing views over the Atlantic Ocean and to the top of Mount Teide. The famous Loropark and the popular black sand beach "Playa Jardin" are nearby. The Hotel Complex includes a large subtropical garden with 3 swimming pools and sun terraces surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful flowers. There are several tennis and paddle courts, a gym with view to the sea and even a miniature golf course. A private bus service runs regularly between Martim Complex and the center of Puerto de la Cruz.

We have a selection of apartments in Maritim for sale available. 


• Maritim offers all sorts of amenities and services

• Free WiFi in the lobby

• Large Lidl supermarket nearby (open even on Sundays and holidays)

• Loropark, Playa Jardin and the center of Puerto de la Cruz can be reached by foot or in a few minutes by car

• Mild climate all year round


• Due to the services and the maintenance costs of the complex, monthly community charge is relatively high


La Orotava is the highest municipality in Spain, stretching from the sea level up to the top of the Teide (3,718m), the highest mountain in Spain. For many locals and visitors it is also the most beautiful municipality on Tenerife. In the middle of the green Orotava valley you will find the eponymous town of La Orotava. Due to its perfectly preserved historical buildings, the center was declared an artistic historical ensemble in 1976. Of special interest are the typical balconies that adorn the facades of the traditional buildings and the carpets made of flowers and volcanic earth, which can be admired every year at Corpus Christi.

The Orotava Valley is known for its stunning green landscape, abundance of water, beautiful gardens and pleasant climate. The largest part of the total forest area of the island and about 78% of the Teide National Park are located here. There are also other nature reserves, such as the Corona Forestal Nature Park, the Pinoleris Nature Reserve and La Resbala. La Orotava is a popular area for hiking, riding and cycling. The idyllic black sand beaches El Bollullo, La Fajana and La Grimona invite you to swim, far away from the tourist crowds. The El Socorro beach with its powerful waves is particularly popular under surfers.


variety of landscapes (mountains and sea)

authentic Canarian ambiance

many leisure possibilities

idyllic beaches


up in the mountains it can be quite cold, especially in winter

you will need a car when you buy real estate in La Orotava



Mesa del Mar belongs to Tacoronte, which is located between Puerto de la Cruz and capital Santa Cruz. You need to take a 5 minute descend by car to get to Mesa del Mar from Tacoronte.

This lovely quiet area has direct access to a black sand beach “Playa La Arena”, one of the nicest beaches in the region. There is also a natural swimming pool, and when the water is rough it favorite spot to watch and admire the force of the Atlantic Ocean.

Playa La Arena gets busy on the sunny weekends, where the locals come down to enjoy the sun and ocean. In the winter area stays rather quiet.

There are some buildings from 60ties and 70ties with apartments with balconies offering breathtaking views over the ocean. Edificio El Roque offers the community pool. There are also some houses along the descending road. We know there are plans to construct few new villas in the area. Please browse our website for options available right now.


·       Directly at the beach and a natural pool

·       On average prices for properties are cheaper in Mesa del Mar

·       Restaurants / bar within a walking distance

·       Mild climate all year long

·       Spectacular views

·       The area beloved also for boating



·       Having a car is almost a must when you buy a real estate in Mesa del Mar

·       In the summer weekends problematic to park a car


“Puntillo del Sol” means literally “the point of the sun”. This place is a quiet area of basically 2 streets. Part of it is high rise flats, where every flat has a balcony with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain el Teide. Complexes like Edificio Costa Rica, Edificio Punta Azul and Edificio Bajamas are especially beloved by expats (mostly from german speaking countries) but many locals live here as well. Some of the complexes have a community pool with amazing views. In the video below you can have a closer look at the properties. The apartments in the area are less expensive (cheaper) than in Puerto de la Cruz.

Beside the few high rises, the area also offers lovely villas and houses with pools, lush-green gardens and amazing views. The prices of houses in this area start above 200.000 EUR.

Nearby is a spectacular coastline with nice paths where you can enjoy amazing walks. There are also some public barbecue (grilling) places. The coastline is very rocky, you will not find sandy beaches in the area.

The area is not a tourist area. There are no hotels. Therefore short term rental permit can be obtained if the criteria are fulfilled.


·       Amazing views

·       Very mild climate (only about 200m above the ocean)

·       On average more sunny

·       Plenty of parking

·       Easy access to/from the highway

·       Very quiet and safe area

·       Near the coast

·       Affordable (cheap) prices on real estate compared to other areas on Tenerife



·       Hardly any shops or restaurants within a walking distance (you need a car)

·       The coastline directly below has no beaches and access by walking is difficult 



Icod de los Vinos with over 20.000 residents was an important village whose history goes back to beginnings of XVI century. In this lively city on Tenerife North you can still find some very old buildings mixed with a recent architecture.  

The city is known for the famous El Drago tree, but has much more to offer. It is a great place to live with many services (the city has two Mercadonas, Hiper Dino and plenty of other shops, pharmacies and services of many kinds), a local fresh market in Santo Domingo, hospital, gyms, municipal swimming pool, plenty of simple eateries and cafes.

Icod is authentic, with little mass tourism and low crime rate. If you buy a property in the area of Icod de los Vinos your neighbors would be kind Canarians and foreigners (of various nationalities) who have settled down in the area. Life here is simple and relatively quiet although Icod gives you all the advantages which a city has to offer.

Prices of homes in Icod de los Vinos are very reasonable. You can find small houses or fincas for less than 100.000 EUR. However, Icod also offers lovely villas with stunning views and lush-green gardens as well as small apartments directly on the beach (see San Marcos section). A variety of properties can be found in Icod.

Icod de los Vinos has some hotels but is not a heavy tourist area. Most of the tourist accommodations are so called “casas rurales” or small pensions / bed and breakfast. Most visitors in Icod are quiet trekking and walking groups. Short term rental permit can be obtained in most cases.



·       On average very affordable prices to buy real estate in Icod

·       Shops or restaurants within walking distance

·       Lively and authentic Spanish area

·       Near to the coast with a small beach (Playa San Marcos, description and video of the beach can be found below)

·       Reasonably good connection thru new highway to/from the south (the ring is not completely finished yet)

·       Year around green area, easy to maintain a garden



·       Areas high in the mountains are cooler (some areas like Cueva del Viento lie even over 800m above the ocean level)

·       Some areas have very narrow and steep roads


Playa San Marcos (San Marcos Beach) in Icod de los Vinos sits on a small lovely bay with a black sand beach on Tenerife North. There are some few restaurants, a bar and a pharmacy. There is a bus every hour from San Marcos to the city center of Icod de los Vinos.

The area of San Marcos gives you a variety of real estate choices. There are some high rises with apartments offering balconies with spectacural views of the Atlantic Ocean. Some of them have a community pool. There is also possibility of being a member of club nautico, which enables you access to a beautiful pool with views of el Teide, tennis courts and gym. In the area there are also some attached townhouses and villas with stunning gardens. Please search our website for available options in San Marcos.

The beach gets a little bit busier in the summer, especially on the weekends, when locals come to enjoy it. In the winter time it is calm, with few foreigners enjoying a swim in the ocean. The waters are not very rough in San Marcos.


·       Directly on the beach

·       On average affordable prices

·       Restaurants and a bar within a walking distance

·       Mild climate year around

·       Spectacular views and first sea line properties available

·       Plenty of parking possibilities



·       Having a car is almost a must (the bus service is limited -it goes only once an hour and only until early evening)

·       In winter the area gets very calm


Los Silos is a quiet town in the so called region of isla baja “low island”. This area is the flattest on Tenerife North. Here you will see many bikers and trekkers. Los Silos is also beloved by the fishermen, spending time catching fish from the picturesque rocks on the coast.

The town center has a lovely square with authentic Canarian scenery. There is Altesa supermarket in a nearby village and a small supermarket in the Sibora building for basic groceries.

In Los Silos we have a selection of well priced townhouses and apartments in the Sibora complex for sale. Sibora Parque complex has a well maintained pool and is in the first sea line. There are nearby tennis courts. Real estate in Los Silos usually has  very affordable prices. Please contact us for what properties are available in Los Silos.

Among the visitors in Los Silos there are many fishermen, golfers, trekkers and walking groups. Many locals come here to spend a day on the weekend.


·       Very mild and sunny climate all year long

·       On average very affordable prices

·       The best golf course on Tenerife North nearby

·       Authentic canarian square area

·       Near to the coast

·       Not a very hilly area, great for walking and sports



·       More than 30 minutes drive from/to the main highway

·       Limited shops and restaurants

·       You will probably need a car when you buy a property in Los Silos


La Caleta de Interian is a small fishing village in the municipality of Garachico, in the north of Tenerife. In this small place with typical Canarian ambience you will find black sand beach with crystal clear water. If you love the sea in its purest form, this will be the ideal place. Far away from mass tourism you can enjoy the peace and quiet here. Another highlight in La Caleta are the few small restaurants that areknown for their fresh fish specialties. The region of Isla Baja is well suited for walks and sports. It is relatively flat and you do not have to be a top athlete, for example to ride a bike.


typical Canarian atmosphere

beach and coast are quiet, not overcrowded by tourists

small but fine selection of local restaurants with fresh products from the sea

relatively flat compared to the rest of northern Tenerife, no steep streets


remote, it is advisable to have a car

beaches without usual services

there are no lifeguards

partly stony coast


Buenavista del Norte is a peaceful village in the so called region of isla baja “low island”. This area is the flattest on Tenerife North. Here you will see many bikers and trekkers. Buenavista del Norte is famous for its amazing golf course and luxurious hotel. 

Many visitors pass by Buenavista to go to Teno.

The center of Buenavista del Norte has a lovely main square with authentic Canarian scenery. 


·       Exceptionalymild climate all year long

·       Generally affordable prices

·       The best golf course on Tenerife North 

·       Authentic square area

·       Near to the coast

·       Not a very hilly area, great for walking, biking and other sports



·       More than 35 minutes drive from/to the main highway

·       Limited shops and restaurants

·       You will need a car when you buy a real estate in Buenavista del Norte