Areas on Tenerife South

In this section, we will introduce to you features of different areas of Tenerife South, where you may be interested to buy a real estate. Property buyers appreciate south of the island for it's sunny and dry climate, however the disadvantage is that the landscapes are more desert-like. We hope this short introduction to the regions on Tenerife South will be helpful.

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Costa Adeje and Playa de Americas are the areas where the most of the hotels on the island are located, which gives it very vibrant and international atmosphere during the day as well as in the evenings. From marina of Puerto Colon you can take a boat trip or lend a yacht. Many water sport attractions are available (from scuba diving to jet ski). The area is famous for it's countless beaches. Good offer of shopping possibilities and amazing selection of eateries. Ocean promenades invite to romantic walks. Among the hotels and time shares there are also some residential properties in the area, usually more expensive, as they are in high demand. Real estate in Costa Adeje tends to be more modern, property in playa de las Américas is usually older however beloved by some for it's entertainment, nightclubs and casino. The area enjoys never ending holiday feeling.


-big selection of white or mixed sand beaches 
-big choice of entertainment, bars, discos, clubs etc. 
-walkable area and handicaps friendly
-English widely spoken
-property in Costa Adeje is in very high demand and easy to sell / rent 


-lack of charm of authentic Spain, in many restaurants, bars and shops staff does not even speak Spanish 
-mass tourism oriented 
-recommended to be aware for pickpockets at anytime 


Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf, touristic and residential areas on Tenerife South in municipality of San Miguel de Abona, are mostly known for it's lush green beautiful golf courses, with the ocean, marina and El Teide views. It's proximity to the south airport with daily connections to all main European cities makes it beloved location to overwinter or retire by the expats. On marina of San Miguel you can take a walk to admire some beautiful yachts or park your own boat. Although there are not many beaches in Golf del Sur and Marilla Golf, beautiful ocean promenade invites to enjoy the breeze of the Atlantic ocean. The area is not overrun by the tourist, it's rather tranquil but at the same time thank to a few quality resorts and hotels there is a lively atmosphere on the streets with good choice of restaurants, bars and boutiques to shop in. Many properties here enjoy nice ocean views or views on the green golf courses. Real estate prices in Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf are constantly rising over the last years and in good demand. The area is very well developed. 

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-doesn't have a desert-like look thank to the green golf courses
-proximity to the airport with international connections
-directly on the coast 
-relatively flat and walkable 


-for some clients noise of the landing planes can be disturbing 
-few beaches 
-property in Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur maybe more expensive than other areas of the island


Los Gigantes is famous for one of the most breathtaking views on Tenerife, over the cliffs and Atlantic Ocean. The area is pretty hilly so most of the apartments in Los Gigantes benefit from these amazing views and beautiful sunsets, however it may be sometimes challenging to walk on the steep roads on a hot days, but it will keep you fit and healthy. There is a lovely black sand beach of Los Gigantes and wild life enthusiasts can enjoy whales watching and other leisure activities offered in the marina of Los Gigantes. The coast is famous for sunny dry climate. It is usually more affordable to buy an apartment or house in Los Gigantes than in other areas of Tenerife South, as it is farther away from the main touristic hub. Residents of Los Gigantes are mostly expats mixed with locals. 


-stunning views 
-affordable prices of property comparing to other areas
-international atmosphere 
-English widely spoken

Minuses :

-some streets are steep and not walking friendly 
-further away from the airport and the highway 


Callao Salvaje is located just few kilometers west from the famous Adeje Coast and Playa Paraiso, however the area is rather residential with much less hotels and tourists. The streets are mostly quite. Some residential areas are accessible only by walking which makes it even calmer to live in. The town has to offer a nice beach club with swimming pool directly on the ocean. There is a big offer of properties in Callao Salvaje. Residents are very international: starting from French, Belgians, British, Germans, Italians, Dutch, Russians and Polish, a real international village to live in. 


-town directly on the coast 
-very calm and relaxed atmosphere
-not overrun by tourists
-very mild and sunny climate all year long
-easy to communicate in English 
-English widely spoken 
-more affordable real estate prices comparing to more touristic area


-mostly rocky coasts, not many beaches 
-no promenade in some part of the coast 
-limited offer of restaurants and shops directly in the town
-limited car access to some properties (ask us and we will give you more detailed information) 

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